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Subscription Detail of Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer

Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer

Customers who want to use data and stay updated or connected on social media can subscribe to the Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer. Customers who want to subscribe to the Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer can do so by dialing *117*30#.

To subscribe to the Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer, you will be charged the usual fee. In response to the SMS, the customer will receive 12GB of data (6GB from 2 am to 2 pm) for 30 days for just Rs. 349 inclusive of tax.

PriceRs. 349 Incl. Tax
Balance RequireRs. 380 Require
Internet12 GB ( 6 GB 2 AM to 2 PM)
Duration30 Days
To SubscribeDial *117*30#
To Check StatusDial *117*30*2#
To InfoDial *117*30*3#
To Un-SubscribeDial *117*30*4#

Jazz is one of Pakistan’s most well-known telecommunications networks, has been operational for almost a decade, and continuing to improve and expand. They have built a strong basis by multitasking and giving excellent services and products to their clients. Jazz offers both prepaid and postpaid options.

Its internet business has already launched services ranging from fast 2G/3G to super 4G technologies. Customers may connect and interact with Jazz in a simple and convenient manner, and at a low cost.

Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer, which is known for its excellent internet bundles, provides convenience for the entire month. This bundle includes fast browsing and uploading, as well as a huge amount of data, allowing you to call, chat, video call, search for information, and explore all social media sites without anxiety for the entire month.

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Terms & Conditions

  • This offer’s price includes all applicable taxes. (if applicable)
  • Customers can sign up for this internet deal and use it on 2G, 3G, or 4G networks. Customers can consume at 4G or 3G speeds if the service is supplied at the fastest speed available inside the 2G network.
  • All Internet bundles have a Rs.1/MB overage charge.
  • Customers can verify the remaining MBs and validity of their bundles by dialling free bundle status codes.
  • The actual Internet speed will be determined by a number of factors, including the device used, the web sites accessed, the time of day, the number of concurrent users, and the distance from a 2G, 3G, or 4G site, among others.
  • Existing SIM cards will operate with 4G and video calling services. You’re going to need
  • To use Jazz 4G services, you must have a 4G equipped handset and be in a 4G coverage region.
  • Customers can check coverage of 4G areas by dialling 4431#; however, offer internet bundles will not be auto-subscribed. When the bundles expire, the clients must re-subscribe.
  • If you don’t subscribe to a bundle, you’ll be charged the base rate, which is PKR 3.59 per MB. A 512 KB charging pulse will be used.
  • Bundles do not auto-subscribe; instead, consumers must subscribe once they have expired.
  • In the Federal Territory, Baluchistan, AJK, and Gilgit Baltistan, prices will be 2.14 percent higher.
  • In FATA and PATA, prices will be increased by 16.67 percent.
  • In the Federal Territory, Baluchistan, AJK, and Gilgit Baltistan, 5.11 percent service costs and 5.11 percent operational fees are applied to recharges, while 17 percent FED is charged to use.
  • On recharge, there are 5.98 percent service costs and 5.98 percent operational fees.
  • You can report unwelcome and unethical (unreasonable) messages to 9000 –PTA by texting the SENDER’S NUMBER (SPACE) message.
  • The charging system reserves a certain proportion of the provided data volume in MBs of your package against the simultaneous opening/accessing of multiple applications and/or websites on the device. As a result, simultaneous opening/accessing of multiple applications and/or websites may result in the charging system reserving all of your available data volume in MBs of your package and charging on your package’s base rate.
  • At any time, the company maintains the right to amend the offer.

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